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Exit 11 off I-24 in Sango

Located at Exit 11 off 76 across from Publix Sango Square.

590 Fire Station Rd Suite E

Walk-ins Are Welcomed

Appointments are not needed. Simply come in during open hours.

Mon/Tue/Thu 2p-8p | Wed 10a-6p | Fri 8a-2p

No Insurance Needed

We are a cash-based, wellness-focused, membership-oriented office. Simple and straightforward. Our care is affordable for all.

Come Connect With Us

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Testimonials – Hear From A Few Of Our Patients 

“One visit and I am now spoiled. Dr. Matt took the time to explain the way our bodies work, what it meant for me as a pregnant woman, and the kind of adjustment that would help my issues. To say he helped is an understatement. He has no doubt set me on a path to healing – down to the bones! 😍  Glad to have found my new chiropractor!!!”

Michelle H.

from Facebook

“Dr. Matt and Diana are a pleasure to see. Always friendly, upbeat, and very helpful. The chiropractic service is amazing and their prices can’t be beat. I’ve gone to other places before but won’t need to try anywhere else now that I’ve found them.”

Desirae P

from Facebook

“My husband has been going for several months now. We absolutely love Dr. Matt and Diana. They do everything they can to take care of you. We love that he has hours that fits everybody’s schedule. In addition they are very affordable, with great price plans for single or family packages. He also cares about your whole well-being.”

Cynthia G.

from Facebook

“This place is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Everyone is super friendly and always smiling. I went from taking some form of pain pill (Tylenol, Aleve, Etc…) everyday, to not taking any at all. I’m on my feet 8-10hrs just for work, not counting anything I do after work. It’s an incredible feeling. I recommend them to everyone.”

Ashley W.

from Google

“I started going during pregnancy and have continued now that I’m post partum. Even baby had his first adjustment at 6 days old today. Since his adjustment he’s been so calm. The staff is so inviting and friendly. Our family just loves it there!”

Mama NoVax

from Google

“I had never had a chiropractic adjustment before in my life. I came in on a Thursday afternoon with debilitating low back and hip pain. Matt and I talked for a few minutes about my issues and injuries. Well it’s the next day and I feel like a new person, with a new back! I wish I had done this years ago! Thanks Doctor Matt!”

Felicia W.

from Google

“Such a friendly environment and Dr. Matt treats you like a long-time friend. You can immediately tell he loves people and loves to heal them. The best I’ve been to and couldn’t recommend this place enough because of the quality of care & treatment.”

Adam W.

from Google

“Dr. Matt and Diana are amazing. They have made me feel very at home at Creative Chiropractic. It’s a family atmosphere. The monthly fee is very affordable.”

Jonathan J.

from Google

“Dr Matt is top-notch! Beyond personable and friendly, truly cares for people’s well-being, and he can adjust like a master. He was the only one who effectively adjusted my injured shoulder. Truly remarkable.”

Jordan M.

from Google

“Dr. Matt is amazing! So caring and knowlegable anout his work! Thank goodness I chose such a wonderful individual! I had never been to see a chiropractor but I had been having pain in my back and my family doctor would just send me home with steroids and iflamation meds. I am not big on taking medications! So I heard from a friend that Dr Matt was great! A little worried but hopeful i went to see him and I can not beleive the difference an adjustment did for me. I am totally pain free and to stay this way I will continue to see him for future adjustments.”

Stephanie H.

from Google

“Dr. Matt is truly a one of a kind guy! Thank you for always making it personal and treating everyone in their own way!”

Stephen H.

from Google

“It is no wonder that they have 5 stars overall. What a wonderful place!! When we move I want to take their whole family with us!! Dr. Matt is so knowledgeable and honest. He makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Upon walking in you are greeted by his wife who works at the front desk. She is so kind and easy going! He does quick adjustments and being able to walk in whenever I need to is so nice!! Also their pricing is so affordable. Their whole family is wonderful and I never want to go anywhere else!!”

Sky L.

from Google

“Had a great experience. Dr Matt is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job explaining the “why” behind the treatment. I was able to get in without a wait on a Friday. Their financial policies are fair and very well explained. I would highly recommend this practice!”

Candice C.

from Google

“I knew I was a mess and needed help from a chiropractor. I walked out of this place feeling amazing! They’re so kind and knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back.”

Tabitha C.

from Facebook

“Dr. Matt & his wife, Diana are amazing people! Always smiling, every time we come they remember our names and story, and of course the whole family feels great from our adjustments.”

Haley R.

from Facebook

“I always leave encouraged and feeling great. They should call him Dr. Feelgoode!!”

Joseph W.

from Facebook

“So grateful to find an authentic and knowledgeable practitioner! Highly recommend.”

Sara A.

from Facebook

“Excellent care. No long wait. No big sales pitch of all the extras they could do like other places. Love Dr Matt & love how good I feel now. Everyone needs this!!”

Lorami F.

from Facebook

Is Creative Chiropractic Right For You?

We understand that the way we’ve structured our practice may not be for everyone. And that’s okay! Here are a few of our key differences that should help you decide whether we’re the chiropractic office that will best serve the needs of you and your family.

We're Very Down to Earth

We have very intentionally structured our practice, our hours, our prices and even our office environment to feel very non-clinical. Dr. Matt serves people with care, concern and a dose of heartfelt conversation and treats them as fellow humans on this journey of life, not as clinical patients. Creative will feel more like a family reunion than a doctor’s office.

We Are A Cash-based Office

We’ve chosen to be an insurance-free office. So we’ve kept our prices affordable enough for almost anyone. Even our per-adjustment fee is less than almost any co-pay required for a chiropractic visit. We accept cash, most major credit cards, and checks.

Our Hours Are Different, But Convenient

We’ve structured our hours in an effort to accommodate just about any type of busy schedule, from the full-time student, to the busy family of 5. And of course, the working and military families.

We Are A Walk-in Focused Office

Aside from the occasional need to schedule an appointment for a new patient, we are a walk-in-based office. We do not set appointments, and have structured our hours in a way that it’s rare to wait long for an adjustment, if at all. Dr. Matt is so efficient, many drop in the office between errands or even on a lunch break. In-and-out in less than 20 minutes is very common here.

We Genuinely Care About You

Our truest goal is to care for you as a human, not just a patient or a number in the system. Our genuine concern is to help you become healthier overall as a person, with an increased ability to respond to life.

Our Wellness Care Options

Wellness Memberships

This option is by far, the most popular and the best value. Most of our patients are members of one of the wellness plans we offer. 

Starting at $59/mo

Individual Membership Plans

Basic (up to 2 visits monthly) • $59

Wellness (up to 4 visits monthly) • $89

Corrective (up to 8 visits monthly) • $149

Family Sharing Memberships

Up to 2 adults and all kids (under 21). Visits are shared amongst all family members.

Couple (up to 8 visits monthly) • $149

Family (up to 12 visits monthly) • $179

Lg Family (up to 20 visits monthly) • $199

(membership terms)
  • Memberships carry a 3 month minimum agreement. Beyond the first 3 months, there's no contract or cancellation fee, it's month-to-month.
  • Memberships are billed automatically, and can be cancelled any time with a 15 day notice after the initial first 3 billing cycles.
  • Memberships are paid for on a monthly recurring electronic payment process, which is run on a predetermined date each month, and visits do not “roll over” when unused.
  • Membership discounts of $10 are offered to the first family member of Military, Clergy, Police, EMS
  • Visit frequency for care is subject solely to Chiropractor’s recommendation, exclusively. Additional visits are prorated according to plan selected and agreed upon.

Pay Per Visit

This option is the most flexible regarding visit frequency, but you will pay more for routine care.

*Initial Patient Exam + Adjustment is $69 ($39 for child), which includes your exam, consultation, and adjustment if warranted. *Child Adjustments $29 (16 & younger).

$45 Per Visit*

Pre-Paid Membership

This option is by far, the most valuable and most cost effective on a per visit basis. Discounted based on an individual wellness membership.

As low as $17.69/visit

Pre-Paid Plans

Individual Wellness Routine - Up to 1 Visit Weekly

$449 for 6 Months Pre-Paid (save $85)

$849 for 12 Months Pre-Paid (save $219)

(pre-paid terms)
  • For the per individual wellness plan only
  • Should a refund be needed, care rendered will be adjusted to walk-in rate prior to refund of balance.
  • Membership visits are tracked via EHR, and may not be transferred to another individual not on an active plan. Visit dates may be communicated electronically if requested.

Dr. Daniel Vaden, DC

"Healing comes from above down, inside out. God gives us life and the ability to heal and places that life force inside of us. Daily stressors can overload our systems and prevent us from healing and living to our potential.

We, as chiropractors, have the amazing privilege to help unleash the God-given healing powers of your body by delivering specific, scientific adjustments. Regular chiropractic care is the key to restoring health and maintaining your ability to live life to the fullest. That is why I LOVE chiropractic."

Dr. Matt Goode, DC

“We as chiropractors work primarily with the spine, primarily by hand. We do this because it is the central structure of the body both musculoskeletally, and neurologically.

When we put specific favorable force into the spine, we interrupt some of the musculoskeletal patterns of tension and inflammation that can cause pain, but more importantly we open communication from brain to body, and allow the wisdom that heals the body to pass through uninhibited. This in‐born wisdom is the only thing that ever does heal the body.”

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